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The  best of the burton journal

The Burton Journal was published from 2004 - 2008 with the support of the Parish Council to keep the residents of Burton Village and  the emerging community of Burton Waters  better  informed of local issues and parish events.  Edited by John Copeland and Gordon Hickmore, it  was a high class publication published quarterly and distributed free to all households in the parish.  

It  contained topical interviews with Burton residents, travel,  humorous  contributions from parishioners and articles covering the  history of  our  parish.    With advancing years, the editors have now retired and in the absence of anyone willing to take on the responsibility, the Journal has ceased publication.... but perhaps  in time we may be persuaded to publish  an annual magazine.


Many of the articles in the magazine remain of interest to parishioners  and to others who are interested in local history or researching their family trees.   Copies of some of the articles contained in the Journal  have been saved for posterity and we have published these on the website.  Please click on the links below -





Burton Cricket Club - by Mike Wilson              


Burton in the War  Years - by Mike Wilson


A life in Farming -

an Interview with Peter Russon


The story of South Carlton Airfield  1914- 1920

The Burton Journal 2004

The Burton Journal 2005

Memories of Burton - Roger Walkinton


VE day 1945 - Burton residents record their  wartime memories


The Journal Interview - Fred Myers


Flood Risk - The story of the 1795 Floods in Burton



Burton in the 30s - A recollection of Burton  by Mrs K Lucas


A Journey to Nowhere by train - Steve Chadderton


The Burton interview - Underneath the Arches  John Carr


Country File  Summer 2005

The Burton Journal 2006

Burton 1851 - a snapshot of life in Burton  

at the time of the great Exhibition


The Passionate Gardener -  

A tour of a beautiful Burton Garden


From our overseas correspondent -

 A humorous look at advertising  in  the Dominican republic. - John Bosworth

The Journal interview - Mike Wroblewski


RAF Scampton -  Past, Present and Future


Country file summer 2006


The story of Burton Rectory 1976


The Journal Interview - The Revd John Pryor

History of the Burton  Hunt  - Part  I


History of the Burton Hunt - part II


Burton Airways -  Contrails above  Burton


Country File Summer 2004


Where Peace comes dropping Slow

The Burton Journal 2007 - 2008

Burton 1851 - Life in Burton Part II


The story of Ellison’s Wharf


The Journal  Interview - John Hill dairyman


Great Train Journeys -  A tour of Britain by rail

With Steve Chadderton  


“Memories of  a Sunday School Boy”

St Vincent’s Church Burton 1940 - 1952

By Mike Wilson

The Journal Interview - Our man in Afghanistan


The Life and times of Burton Folk in 1861


The Journal Traveller -  A mountain stroll in China!


The English Yew -  Eric Bell looks at yew trees in Burton


The Journal Traveller - A Passage to India